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Art has a Right to Live

by Ken Collins on 03/26/10

I haven't posted anything new to this blog for two weeks.  As I contemplate the reason for this, it causes me to think about the implications.

The reason it's taken me two weeks to get back to this blog is because I've been busy.  Busy, busy, busy - and not with art.  But what does that mean to my art?  Art has a life and, like any life, that life needs to be nurtured.  I've not made the time to nurture the life of my art as of late because of other commitments.  Without proper nuturing, life will begin to fade.

What this all means is now is the time to devote to art!  To not give proper time to my art could result in it's death.  Do I want to be responsible for the death of art?  No way!  Art has a right to live and I'll respect that right.  Besides - I have a piece to complete for an upcoming fundraiser and I still need to complete enough pieces for a solo show in the fall.  Busy, busy, busy.

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1. Bill Titus said on 10/4/10 - 09:50AM
Okay, now I get it! Rigidness(logos) meets artistic expression(life)

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